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Image gets blurred when rotating [SOLVED]

nitech test
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I don't know if this anything to do with TweenMax or not, but when I rotate an image (rotationY), it gets blurred or smoothed in a way. I don't want it to blur. In the library, the image is not allowed to smooth...


What am I doing wrong?


_timeline.append(new TweenMax(_person1, 0.7, { rotationY:180, onUpdate:setSideVisibility, onUpdateParams:[_person1], ease:Expo.easeOut, delay:1 } ));

private function setSideVisibility(s:Sprite):void
if(s.rotationY >= 90){
	s.getChildByName("back").visible = true;
	s.getChildByName("front").visible = false;
}else if(s.rotationY < 90){
	s.getChildByName("front").visible = true;
	s.getChildByName("back").visible = false;


See url. Affects both persons and text: http://avento.avento.no/sbm/index.html


Kind regards,


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To other people having the same problem, the solution is to change the xscale and yscale slightly whenever you make the sprite a 3d sprite (when you modify the scaleY property:


var scale_x:Number = _person.width / (_person.width + 1);
var scale_y:Number = _person.height / (_person.height + 1);

// whenever turning into 3d object:
_person.scaleX = scale_x;
_person.scaleY = scale_y; 


Kind regards,


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