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Delete eventCallback in TweenMax instance in as2 not working

vortac test
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I have created a TweenMax instance with an onComplete Callback in as2 using the scope parameter. Everything works fine. When I try to delete the eventCallback with


it does not remove the callback.

I also have tried the following, nothing works


and so on...

Nothing seems to work and actually remove the callback from the tween.

You mention a 4th parameter in the docs but there is an example missing how to correctly implement scope.


Can anyone tell me the correct syntax?

Any help much appreciated!

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Sorry, I can not replicate this behavior. 

From my test removing the eventCallback works fine with AS2 verions 12.1.5


import com.greensock.*;

// give tween onComplete callback
var tween = TweenMax.to(mc, 1, {_x:200, onComplete:done});

//remove callback
tween.eventCallback("onComplete", null);

//never fires
function done() {

trace(TweenLite.version); //12.1.5

If you continue to believe there is a problem in the latest AS2 release version, please provide a very simple demo that clearly replicates the issue.





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