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System fonts disappear [SOLVED]

batphobic test
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I'm using the user's system fonts, so I can't embed fonts.


The user creates a line of text in my app, chooses the font they want (from a list of their system fonts) and the text gets placed on the interface. Then I need them to be able to rotate that text. With CS4 we can use rotationZ to do this rather than just rotation. How do I modify transformmanager to allow rotationZ?


Many thanks in advance.

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If you want to search/replace "rotation" with "rotationZ" in the source, you can but there are other issues with using rotationZ like the fact that it requires more processing. You could try creating a BitmapData and rotating that instead of the actual TextField (that's essentially what rotationZ does - it creates a bitmap and runs it through matrix transformations to render it in 3D).


Just a few ideas.


Oh, and I'm pretty sure that if you publish to Flash Player 10, its new text engine will let you use system fonts and rotate them (although I haven't tested this personally myself yet).

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thanks for the very fast response.


However I tried copy/replace with rotation/rotationZ and it didn't work. It appears you are rotating the objects using rotate() and radians rather than setting the .rotation property.


I'm not sure I want to tackle redoing the radians and rotate() method.

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Yes indeed - sorry, my brain was a bit foggy this morning. There are bugs in Flash/Flex that won't allow straight editing of the rotation property - that's why I had to resort to doing rotate() on the transform.matrix. It should be possible to do something similar with the matrix3D, but again, performance wouldn't be nearly as good and it'd certainly be a hassle.

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