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Google's Animation Guidlines - Authentic Motion

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Yes - I'm still using GSAP for Flash (It's awesome) - so I'll post my question here, even though it's very relevant to the Javascript version too.


I'm sure some of you (especially the GreenSock folk) know about google's UI experience guidelines. Here's a link:




Specifically, the authentic motion ones are very critical. It makes a night and day feeling when it comes to using apps and games.


I'm wondering, to the Tween experts at Greensock, is it possible to do asymmetric deceleration like in the Mass and Weight section in this example, feels like the EaseIn and EaseOut are different numbers / factors?




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You could certainly create your own ease function if you prefer, or use something like Blake's implementation (http://codepen.io/osublake/pen/OyPGEo/). We do have it on our roadmap to offer a CustomEase tool but we have a few other things ahead of it in the pipeline and can't really guarantee any specific delivery date yet. 


Happy tweening!

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