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Animate header, need help and ideas

JaySockUser test
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Hi everyone !


Hope you are fine.


My question will follow in a few line, but let me introduce my problem with an image :




Well, I want to creat a sequence of images. Image 1 has to take image 2 place, image 2 -> image 3, image 3 -> image 4 and image 4 has to take image 1 place.


And here is the problem : 4 container that have to be resize.


I have no ideas about how to do it. Because it be an infinite sequence with maybe 5s delay between each.


Have I to show the risizing and object moving ? But how to make a good transition then. Do I make a shadow on whole images and when the shadow is gone show new establishment ?


The only idea I have right now is to pre dev the whole comportment with a time line :


img1 -> resize height

img2 -> resize width

img1 -> move to img2

img4 -> move to img1 and resize

img3 -> move to img 4

img2 -> move to img 3



And doing it for all possible positions with a repeat (-1).


Do you guys have some ideas about ?


I thank you in advance.


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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


We really have to keep our support focused on helping people understand key features of the GreenSock tools. 

Unfortunately, we just don't have the resources to investigate complex effects like this and explain how to do build them :(


If you have a specific question about TweenLite, TweenMax, TimelineLite etc we would love to help you.

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Hi Carl,


thank you for answering.


You are right, it is a bit stupid to come with such a big question.




helping people understand key features of the GreenSock tools.


My bad, I wanted to have some return from greensock users experiences, not about "how to make it" but more "how to render" to be honest.



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