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Blog posts and Release notes

· 22 min read
Jack Doyle
  • Roughly Half the file size of the old TweenMax!
  • Simplified API
  • Backward compatibility
  • Advanced staggers everywhere
  • And more...

· 11 min read

Have you ever wondered why GreenSock doesn't use a more common open source license like MIT? Sometimes our licensing model is misunderstood but hopefully after reading this article you'll see why it is so foundational to the success of our tools and why it ultimately benefits users too.

· 18 min read

Feature lists don't always tell the story in a way that's relevant to you as the developer/designer in the trenches, trying to get real work done for real clients. You hear about theoretical benefits of CSS animations or some fancy new library that claims to solve various challenges, but then you discover things fall apart when you actually try to use it or the API is exceedingly cumbersome. You need things to just work.